R.V wins The SIMA Impact Award for CREATIVE ACTIVISM !


"A new short film from writer/director/producer Melissa Center and co-director Will Hawkes titled ‘R.V.’ tells a powerful story of a woman (played by Melissa) seeking an abortion in an area where access is scarce. We don’t know anything about her political leaning or religious affiliation, we don’t know who she voted for or even her thoughts on abortion. All we know is she is getting one and are drawn into every ounce of her emotion throughout her experience."

"RV is a film of quiet power. It is a film that will kick you in the chest and then stomp on it for three or four hours afterward. It is a masterpiece and one of the very best films I’ve seen in 2018..."

Interview with Rama's Screen

Red Carpet interview with Will Hawkes and Melissa Center at Dances with Films Festival - Chinese Theatre, Hollywood

Melissa Center sits down at Kew Gardens Festival of Cinema 

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